What kind of role will the traditional sales
rep play in our new process?

A very important one.

OrthoDirectUSA® believes that if a provider wants to take back control of the operating room, the most important thing they can do is take the sales rep out of the equation.  However, we see a huge opportunity for these former sales reps in our new business model.

OrthoDirectUSA would like to “retool” these former sales reps into what we call Facilitators and Mentors.  These positions will play a pivotal role during the transition period of the Provider choosing to take back control of their operating room.

These Facilitators and Mentors will work for OrthoDirectUSA on behalf of the Provider.  It is a very opportune time for the traditional sales reps to get involved in our business model.  We believe that there are many reps out there that would like to learn how to leverage their relationships and create value for the hospitals in this new market and this new economy.

We have the solution for the sales reps and we are excited about the opportunities available. OrthoDirectUSA is building a national network of former orthopedic sales personnel to facilitate the change management process.  If you are interested in learning how to become a Facilitator or Mentor, please contact us today.


OrthoDirectUSA is launching a new business opportunity for those looking to create value in the “Repless” environment.  To learn more about our vendor neutral, service, and change management business, check out our ODUSA Franchise opportunity.