Learn how your hospital can thrive
instead of merely survive.

We all know the problem facing hospitals and surgery centers today. The government is mandating lower costs, but your patients are still demanding high quality. What’s the answer?

At OrthoDirectUSA®, we’ve come up with a whole new way to control orthopedic implant costs — without sacrificing quality. Our solution is an innovative supply chain that bypasses the middleman and puts you in the driver’s seat. Here’s how it works.

We start with “stable technology” implants. These are the devices and equipment that can be described as generic or commodity products.  We believe these “time tested” designs provide quality and safe solutions.  Their substitution poses no risks for successful surgery or efficient utilization within the hospital.

Now, you’d expect commodity products to cost less. And with OrthoDirectUSA, they actually do. That’s because we connect you directly with the manufacturers who make them. There’s no markup for sales reps, distributors, marketing programs or consignment inventories — saving you 50% or more!

OrthoDirectUSA works for you, the Provider.  We facilitate solutions for our clients by providing more choice in the selection of Stable-Technology™ implants.

We understand process change and what Providers must do to achieve service line profitability in a Value Based Reimbursement environment.  We do not sell products we sell our experience.

OrthoDirectUSA is a consulting group that guides Providers through the process change associated with managing their orthopedic service without traditional sales personnel support.

We are paid to implement our ORDT® (Operating Room Device Technician) Learning Development and Change Management process. On-site Mentors will teach, train, and coach the Provider’s personnel throughout the implementation of the ORDT process.

The ORDT Learning and Development process is the new standard for hospitals and surgery centers that choose to take back responsibility of managing their Stable-Technology™ devices. Taking back this responsibility is the most strategic decision a Provider can do to lower their implant costs.

Our process allows Providers to make more informed, value based decisions by facilitating Direct-Access™ opportunities with a growing pool of Stable-Technology™ manufacturers.

OrthoDirectUSA is impartial – technology neutral.  We don’t represent the manufactures we represent your interests. In a climate of declining reimbursement, ODUSA’s ability to connect you to multiple technology sources at wholesale prices is unique in orthopedics.  Our focus is your people and your profit… We have no financial ties or incentives from any manufacturers.  We simply provide more choice, and more control, which will yield more profits.