Operating Room Device Technician (ORDT®)

We TeachTrain and Coach your surgical technicians to
take back the responsibility of your orthopedic services.

The Problem:

Keeping sales reps on call to do surgeries in the hospital is expensive.  The average orthopedic company spends about $37 for every $100 they make on sales and marketing – by far their single biggest expense.

Spending on sales reps creates a virtuous cycle for the orthopedic implant companies. The relationships that sales reps form with orthopedic surgeons have been preventing hospitals from negotiating implant pricing effectively to save costs.

More sales reps support higher prices.  Higher prices support more sales reps.

The Solution:

The ORDT Process

The ORDT Process is not only about replacing sales reps with provider employees, it’s about a total transformation of the orthopedic supply chain.

It’s about raising the standard, providing ongoing training and mentoring.  It’s about supporting your surgeons and actually raising the level of service and quality of care for patients.

If you are serious about lowering implant spend, you need to understand, it’s not about product, It’s about process.

The Details:

The ORDT Learning and Development process will be the “gold standard” for hospitals that choose to take back responsibility of managing their orthopedic operations.

The ORDT Program will be a defined, repeatable learning and development process with measurable results. Through established metrics, ORDT candidates are assessed on the required skills and behaviors to successfully meet goals and provided with guidance for continuous improvement. Adult learning principles and methodology are integrated throughout the content. Recognizing the existing knowledge and skills of the ORDT candidates increases the effectiveness of the training and application.

A growing National Network of former orthopedic sales personnel will facilitate the change management process.  To ensure the transformation of your culture, OrthoDirectUSA’s trained mentors will be on-site 24/7 to provide additional support for the product and process. These mentors give consistent guidance, feedback, accountability, and leadership to the entire learning and development process for the ORDT candidates.

The ORDT learning and development curriculum will assess all candidates and certify those who successfully complete the course and meet the defined standards. OrthoDirectUSA is in the process of establishing a credentialing qualification for the ORDT position.

ORDT Modules