OrthoDirectUSA (ODUSA) has been helping Providers develop a strategic solution for the new “Rep-less” environment.  We are now offering Franchise opportunities to qualified candidates.

ODUSA Franchise’s will offer a vendor neutral service that helps Providers transition & transform their orthopedic service line.

The Opportunity

The US healthcare market is undergoing change. Those that lead the change will be able to benefit from it. One major shift is the emerging consensus that most orthopedic implants are now Stable-Technologies that deliver excellent clinical results at low cost. The group that coalesces surgeons, hospitals and manufacturers around the idea that everyone can win when all value parameters (cost, clinical benefit, ease of use) are considered, will create significant competitive advantage. OrthoDirectUSA (ODUSA) is ready to facilitate that change by leveraging the inherent surgeon status and incentivizing them to lead.

ODUSA Franchise Opportunity for the Traditional Sales Rep

Learn how to create value in the emerging Value Based Reimbursement System by leveraging the relationships you have developed with the physicians and hospitals you’ve been serving and become an ODUSA Franchisee.  As an ODUSA Franchisee, you can help Providers in your area reduce their spend 60-80%!

As an ODUSA Franchisee you will learn to leverage your current knowledge as well as learn new skills that will create value in a VBP reimbursement system.  You will own a service and change management business whose services will be contracted by the providers in your area.

ODUSA Franchise Opportunity for the Surgeon

In this patent pending business model, qualified physicians will partner with former traditional sales reps in a business franchise to lead transformational change.  The Franchisee will be supported by the extensive experience of ODUSA and its trademarked ORDT® (Operating Room Device Technician) certification/training program.

Our Franchise structure allows qualified physicians investors to participate (own or partner) in a business opportunity. Our service contracts are in accordance to the defined safe harbor standards for Professional Service Agreements, making the model a safe, legal and simple alignment vehicle to for any potential physician franchisee.

Physicians are uniquely positioned to lead operational and clinical transformation efforts in the healthcare value chain. They are at the intersection of where clinical, technical and financial decisions are made. To transform the healthcare value chain, Physicians must lead this sustainable change process by establishing a new culture of value.


Thank you for your interest in the ODUSA Franchise.  If you would like to be contacted regarding the ODUSA Franchise, or to inquire about our other career opportunities at OrthoDirectUSA, please fill out the form below.