The Future for Traditional Orthopedic Device Sales Reps

Learn how to create value in the emerging Value Based Reimbursement System by leveraging the relationships you have developed with the physicians and hospitals you’ve been serving and become an ODUSA Franchisee.  As an ODUSA Franchisee, you can help Providers in your area reduce their spend 60-80%!

As an ODUSA Franchisee you will learn to leverage your current knowledge as well as learn new skills that will create value in a VBP reimbursement system.  You will own a service and change management business whose services will be contracted by the providers in your area.




OrthoDirectUSA is Expanding

We are bringing on a National Network of ODUSA Associates to meet the demands of the CCJR bundled payment initiative. 


We have decided it is time to expand our footprint and bring on a national network of ODUSA Associates to meet the demands of the CCJR bundled payment initiative. These ODUSA Associates will be able to offer our vendor neutral services to even more hospitals throughout the United States.

At ODUSA we are passionate about growing people. We believe true success is about more than just lowering costs. We know that sustainable value is only recognized if, and when, you grow your people with the skills, knowledge and experience to become self sufficient.

Our process helps to “get you started” in your pursuit of a Rep-less model.  We will help you to proactively manage your procurement process as your consider removing your reps.  Once we transition you to this Rep-less model, our ODUSA Associates and their local field mentors are available to support you, when and if you need them. We know you cannot afford to miss a beat, so it is our goal to never leave you completely alone when you engage our service!

Contact us today to learn how to get started with our services.  Our three step process makes it extremely simple to get started.  Once we have helped you to define a strategy, we will conduct a limited trial, this will give you a chance to Pilot our program before you choose to expand.


Would You Like to Purchase TKA Implants for $1,200-$1,500?

OrthoDirectUSA can teach you how.


Turn the tables in your procurement process, and proactively manage your orthopedic service line needs.  OrthoDirectUSA guides you through the
transition process of operating your service line without ANY traditional middlemen support.  Working with OrthoDirectUSA is more than just getting results… We enable and empower your people. Doing this creates long-term value for your organization.


Contact us today for more information.

ORDT® Learning and Development Curriculum

The site Facilitator at Loma Linda University Medical Center , Dan Prokop, explains the Operating Room Device Technician (ORDT®) Curriculum and invites others to enroll in the program.

The ORDT Curriculum is a Learning and Development Curriculum that is comprised of 30 different modules.  These modules include both instructor led mentoring, as well as ongoing training that is accessible via the LMS (Learning Management System).  The content of these modules ranges from orthopedic economics and personal growth to clinical and technical skills.  Ultimately, the goal of these modules is to transform the culture of the operating room and to take back ownership of their orthopedic service line and to continue providing the utmost support for your surgeons.

OrthoDirectUSA Reengineers the Supply Chain

Site Facilitator, Dan Prokop, explains the difference between the traditional supply chain model vs. the Direct-Access model that OrthoDirectUSA implements.

The traditional orthopedic supply chain is what is known as a “push” distribution model. This means that the traditional orthopedic companies build incredible high inventories, and then hire a huge sales force to push those inventories onto the market. This is highly inefficient for a couple of reasons, first of all, the high inventory cost, translate to high product costs. Second of all, the influence of the sales reps pushing their product onto the market sometimes encourages the use of products or quantities of products that aren’t entirely necessary. In fact, studies show that the cost of the case significantly increases if the sales rep is in the room. OrthoDirectUSA reengineers this model, by introducing what is called a Direct-Access™ “pull” distribution model, this means that instead of allowing products to be pushed on them, hospitals and surgeons determine proactively what products and implants they need, and then take ownership of those products. You see, when a hospital or surgeon can transition form a renter or a consignment mindset, to the far more efficient mindset of an owner, they are able to determine what is best and needed for their patients without the costly outside influence of a rep. When the hospital and surgeons take ownership of these products, and buy them directly, they can experience a savings of 50-80% of their orthopedic implant spend.