A new business model for a changing healthcare market.

OrthoDirectUSA® is a new kind of company — one that’s going to change the way you do business. Essentially, we’re a business development service that connects hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers directly with the manufacturers of stable technology orthopedic products. By eliminating the middleman, we’ve created a whole new orthopedic supply chain that can save you as much as 60-80% off the cost of implants and equipment.

To help you utilize this new supply chain, OrthoDirectUSA teaches and coaches your personnel to take back the responsibility of managing your orthopedic service. We accomplish this through our training and mentoring initiative – the ORDT® program.

Today, sales reps for large orthopedic companies and/or their distributors provide significant support, by consigning implants, instruments, and onsite service.  However, these “services” have not been provided without significant costs.

OrthoDirectUSA helps you “take back control.”  No longer needing to rely on traditional sales rep support for your Stable-Technology™ needs and directly accessing products from qualified manufacturers will lower your implant spend significantly.

OrthoDirectUSA is paid through our training and mentoring initiative, the ORDT program.  We receive no commissions from any manufacturer.

The company was founded in 2008 by Thomas (Tommy) Mitchell, a 30 year veteran of the orthopedic industry. To learn more about Tommy, click here >>